Let’s find out how famous mothers across Vietnam have developed a habit of brushing their babies’ teeth

It seems that the mother always gets annoyed whenever the time comes to brush her teeth, the child runs away or refuses to brush, although this is a habit that children must follow to prevent toothache, tooth decay and bad breath.

In an effort to “fight” these daily battles, last month, famous mothers took part in the 21-day challenge with P / S Big Teeth Small Teeth to train their children to brush their teeth. Light and dark.

If you’re looking for a way to get your baby to work hard on your teeth, here are some tips to try. Let’s see how the mothers have brushed and played while playing!

1. Set a daily brushing time and make it more interesting

In order for your child to get used to hard-working brushing, moms should make a reasonable schedule. If necessary, moms can put a habit of brushing her teeth into the schedule of activities that children are doing every day.

For example, let children brush their teeth together when bathing and preparing to change uniforms to school.

And at night, make it a habit to ask your child to brush their teeth after dinner, about 1-2 hours before going to bed. This means that if your family usually has dinner at 7, your baby will have to brush their teeth at about 8 o’clock. Avoid having children brush their teeth while they are sleepy.

To build a habit of being able to follow your child to adulthood, start by scheduling a brush on the same time frame, at least for 21 days. According to experts from London College University, 21 days is the minimum time necessary for us to get used to something that needs to be done regularly.

The 21-day challenge of P / S Big Teeth Mothers Teeth has daily stories to let you set the time to brush your teeth every night, using the chatbot tool Big Teeth, Mom Teeth

Understanding that keeping children engaged for 2 minutes can be a battle for mothers, so interactive videos of Big Teeth, Small Teeth, have been created to help children brush their teeth. during that time.

2. Give small rewards and praise to the child

It is not harmful to appreciate a child for what he or she has done, especially if it is for their own health.

To encourage baby’s spirits, moms can use a calendar that comes with funny stickers and lets them stick stickers every time they finish brushing their teeth every morning and evening. These tips can motivate children to diligently brush their teeth.

After that, compliment and tell your child that what he or she is doing is amazing. For example, “Hooray! Second brother can brush his teeth, he laughs even more beautiful home! ”.

You can also compliment your child by saying, “Well, if you diligently brush your teeth, then your teeth will be strong and not prone to decay!”.

At the end of the month, you can give your child a reward for diligently brushing his teeth for the whole month. For example, taking your baby outside to participate in an activity they love. Gradually, your child will remember that brushing your teeth is a valuable and important thing to do.

As a fun part of brushing, chatbot tool P / S Big teeth, Small Teeth Mom will send kids the stickers every time he completes a dark tooth brush, he even gets a certificate. after completing the 21-day challenge and establishing a habit of brushing.

3. Use flavored toothpaste and cute toothbrush

Please equip children with a very special, unique and colorful toothbrush for them to enjoy every time they use it. However, first make sure it is a brush designed for your child’s age.

Choose the right toothpaste for children. For some babies, spicy toothpaste for adults can make them reluctant to brush. So moms can choose fruit flavored toothpaste.

Take your child to go shopping so he or she can choose the kind of toothbrush and toothpaste he wants. That way, your child will like and diligently brush his teeth with the cream and brush he has chosen.

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