Bathing, playing with mud: Should or not?

Most parents now prefer their children to play indoors with clean toys because they think this will protect them from environmental risks. However, in fact, children are bathed in rain, playing with mud not only fun, have new experiences but also help to train resistance better.

Young children often enjoy playing, playing in the rain or playing in puddles of rain. Meanwhile, watching your child play in the rain, you are worried, want to let your baby go home immediately for fear that she will be infected. According to AttractiveQuotes, your anxiety is not worth it because according to many studies, children can enjoy playing with mud, regular showers not only learn new things but also reduce the risk of disease. there again.

Rain showers and playing with mud are encouraged

According to Dr. Keya Lahiri, Head of Pediatrics Department of Dr. Hospital. D.Y. Patil, Mumbai, India, parents should let children play outdoors, play with mud, take a rain shower because mud is a part of the environment and it is really beneficial for health.

In fact, every child loves to play in the rain. While this can be worrying for you, this can in fact bring a lot of benefits to your child’s physical and mental development.

Improve rough motor skills

For young children, rough motor skills are extremely important because they help children develop body awareness, develop reactivity, coordination and balance. Young children can learn and develop these skills by running around and playing outdoors. Rain showers are an opportunity for children to run and play because the rain can give them lots of excitement and enthusiasm.

Good for the brain

In the soil, rainwater has a number of natural bacteria that can activate nerve cells to produce serotonin, an important substance in improving the brain’s ability. Not only that, this nutrient also has anti-depressant effects and helps children feel happier.

Increase confidence and dynamic

Children playing with mud, regular rain showers will feel relaxed and calm. The smell of mud and beneficial bacteria in mud can help improve mood, make children feel happy and happy.

Besides, the act of taking a shower, playing with mud is also an opportunity for children to laugh more, reduce stress levels. This is very important for children’s physical, mental and emotional development.

Unique experience

Taking a shower, playing with mud is a great way for children to develop communication, social and cognitive skills. Not only that, these are also extremely unique experiences and become beautiful memories throughout the childhood of children. Through these activities, children can learn and discover many new things, such as the taste of rain water, the feeling of walking in the rain, walking on wet grass, soft mud … Even, some They also love to sing and dance in the rain, which can help them develop their confidence and interest in singing.

Help your child love science subjects

Rain is a natural phenomenon with a lot of interesting things. The direct observation, being bathed in cool rains will stimulate the curiosity and interest of children in understanding the natural phenomena. Not only that, taking a shower, playing with mud is also an opportunity for children to learn about nature and observe things that they can only see in books or on television. For example, children can observe the phenomenon of water flowing to the valley, earthworms crawling out after the rain or seeing a rainbow …

Good for immune system

In this day and age, most children are brought up in extremely “sanitary” conditions. However, you need to know that the more hygienic the hygienic conditions are, the less likely the child will be exposed to the many types of bacteria in real life. This inadvertently weakens your child’s immune system, potentially leading to asthma and many other conditions. Therefore, early contact with the bacteria in the natural sandy soil can help children become healthier and more resistant to disease.

Reinforce skin resistance

A solution to help mothers feel secure so that their children can freely explore the world
Although you know how to play with the ground, taking a shower can bring many benefits to your baby’s development but you still can’t stop worrying about your child’s health? You are afraid that with the immature immune system, it will be difficult for the child to fight against strong harmful agents from the environment, especially in the context of environmental pollution is becoming serious and full of bacteria. causing disease like today.

In fact, these worries and worries are unnecessary because your baby is always protected by skin resistance – a special function available in the immune system, constantly helping them. against pathogenic bacteria.

With a strong combination of 3 layers of fence (physical, chemical, biological), skin resistance is the “armor”, helping to fight the attack of harmful agents from the environment, especially bacteria that cause disease. If you take care of the skin resistance properly, you can take advantage of the skin’s resistance to create opportunities for your baby to enjoy playing, playing dirty, and taking a shower without having to worry about health problems.

To enhance skin resistance, you need:

  • Build a healthy diet for children
  • Let children drink enough water
  • Keep children moving regularly
  • Train children to clean and proper habits of body hygiene right after playing with appropriate products to be able to kill disease-causing bacteria effectively, helping the skin’s resistance to fully promote shoulders game to protect your body.

Through the above sharing of Attractive Quotes, hope you have gained some useful information in caring and raising children. Do not “confine” children in the house just because of your worries, let them confidently step out into the world and discover interesting things.

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