Answers questions when children begin to talk when?

Children start to speak when a question many parents are concerned about. Knowing milestones when your child starts to speak helps you recognize whether your child is slow to speak or not.

The first thing you need to keep in mind as a parent is that each baby has a unique physical trait and developmental milestones at different times. Your child will reach that milestone when he or she is ready. Therefore, do not compare your baby’s development with other babies. What you need to do is learn about the developmental milestones that your baby has achieved to make sure she is developing normally.

Before your baby starts talking, the first milestone they will achieve is making a buzzing sound. Your baby will make different buzzing sounds until he or she can talk.

Your baby’s first conversation will be nonverbal. They will talk to you through gestures and actions without any sounds such as squinting, wincing … They will have these gestures to express their needs such as hunger, fear, drowsiness, worry …

Children start to speak when?

1. Milestones 3 months old baby

At 3 months, you will see your baby observe more than before. Your baby will begin to listen to your voice, track lip movements and begin to distinguish different types of voices and sounds. She also began to show excitement with the music. It could be the music you play for your baby at home, the sound of birds singing …

You will also feel your baby’s preference for certain sounds, such as they prefer to listen to women’s voices rather than men’s voices. If the mother is the primary caregiver, the baby will feel that way. If you have a baby listen to some sounds while he or she is still in the belly, he or she will like these sounds now.

After 3 months, your baby will start making different buzzing sounds and repeating them over and over.

2. Milestones 6 months old babies

At 6 months, babies will begin to talk babbling and make many different sounds. Some of the first words he or she can say are “ba-ba” or “ma-ma.”

When your baby is at the end of the 6th month and the beginning of the 7th month, he or she will start to respond when he hears his name. If you speak multiple languages ​​at home, your baby will begin to realize that. At this age, children can use their sound to express their emotions such as happiness, sadness, fear …

Don’t confuse baby’s first sounds as words. Even if your child says “ba-ba”, that does not mean he is calling “dad”. Most of the words that the child emits during this period are random.

3. Milestones 9 months old baby

At 9 months, your baby will begin to understand some of the basic words you use. They can understand some simple words like “hello”, “goodbye” and even the word “no” even though the word they use may not be the same meaning as the word you are using. Babies begin to use more buzzing sounds in different tones.

4. Milestones 12 months old baby

At 1 year of age, babies can say some words like “mother”, “three” and a few other words. At this time, you may feel that your child is starting to talk more and more clearly than before when the baby has stopped.

Most babies can say some of these words. Children will know how to connect words with their meanings. For example, when she says “mother,” she will know that the word refers to you.

Your baby will begin to understand some simple requirements like “no”, “sit down” … However, this does not mean that he will follow these requirements.

5. Milestones 18 months old baby

18 months, your baby will be able to speak at least 10 words, the family should guide your baby to practice speaking scientifically. He can also point to objects, parts of his body and different people to name. Children begin to speak and try to repeat new words they hear. If you talk to your child frequently, he or she will remember the last word and repeat it.

At this age, the child still has not been able to say the words clearly, for example, instead of saying “drink water”, he will say “swallow a wish” …

6. 2-year-old baby milestones

At 2 years of age, babies know how to put words together when speaking. Your child will be able to speak short phrases and say simple sentences. For example, babies can say things like “bye bye mom”, “I want milk” …

7. Milestones 3-year-old baby

At this time, your baby will have more vocabulary. Babies begin to speak longer phrases. Children can say and explain the meaning of the words “sad”, “happiness” …

As parents, everyone is happy to hear the first sounds when a child begins to speak. However, do not be so pressured to learn to speak when they are not ready. Let your baby develop at his own pace

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