Ramadan Quotes | Fasting Quotes

 Ramadan Quotes | Fasting Quotes

Ramadan.quotes.fasting.quotesislamic.quotes.ramadan.quotes fro.quran.ramadan.quotes2023
Ramadan.quotes.fasting.quotesislamic.quotes.ramadan.quotes fro.quran.ramadan.quotes2023


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  • Ramadan is the season and occasion of forgiveness from Allah Almighty. There should be no laziness or negligence in taking advantage of this opportunity.

  • O Ramadan, great Ramadan! So how blessed, how great, how holy, the Lord has filled your cradle with blessings. This Ummah received a gift like the Holy Quran on your holy night.

  • O Ramadan, God has given you great strength. With your coming, the gates of heaven are opened, and with your coming, the gates of hell are closed.

  • In Ramadan, such people are also forgiven who have become deserving of hell due to their actions.

  • The great favor of Allah Ta'ala,,,, the month of Ramadan, whenever the month of Ramadan comes, welcome it with the love of your heart. And immediately go to get it and earn it.

  • Ramadan is the month of patience, and the reward of patience is Paradise. This is the month of grieving with people.

  • In Ramadan, the sustenance of the believer is increased. In this month, whoever breaks someone's fast, will be reason for his sins to be forgiven and he will be saved.

  • Do a lot of four things in Ramadan, the first two things are an abundance of KALIMAH and ISTIGHFAR, and the second two things are asking for PARADISE and refuge from the FIRE.

  • Allah Almighty says: O Angel! I make you a witness that I granted them My pleasure and forgiveness in exchange for Ramadan fasts and Taraweeh.

Ramadan.quotes.fasting.quotesislamic.quotes.ramadan.quotes fro.quran.ramadan.quotes2023.

  • All the blessings and good things of Ramadan are for "Muslims" only, the rest who get whatever they get is due to the blessings of Muslims.

  • All the blessings, blessings, and good things of Ramadan are for "Muslims" only, the rest who get whatever they get is due to the blessings of Muslims.

  • Explain to yourself in the month of Ramadan, that this is a blessed season, sleep will come again, rest will come again, it is not known whether the next Ramadan will come or not.

  • If Ramadan does not come, we will be destroyed by the hands of the soul and the Devil. Remember, fasting is not a burden and labor, it is strength and pleasure.

  • Fasting is not difficult for hot weather and not for cold, fasting is only difficult for "selfish". Being hungry and thirsty for the beloved is love.
  •         "Fasting is for me and I will reward it myself, a special reward, a loving reward, a great reward".

  • "Fasting" is a duty and this is the main worship of Ramadan, the Postpartum fasts of the whole life cannot be equal to one obligatory fast of Ramadan.

  • Arranging a pre-dawn meal (Sehri), pre-dawn meal  (Sehri)has many virtues and blessings, and it should never be missed.

  • Since the moments of life are very few, they should not be wasted, but spent in order, to make a commitment in Ramadan to do these three things.
1. The time of reciting the Holy Quran
2. Time to understand the Holy Quran
3. Abundance of worship.

  • One of the most important acts of worship in Ramadan is "dua". After fasting, taraweeh, and recitation, pay the most attention to dua. Long prayers, and humble prayers.

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