10 tips to help improve children’s intelligence

Parents often expect their children to be healthy and smart. However, can you enhance your child’s intelligence? This is possible. Please see the following article.

Foods that help develop brain functions, toys to help develop intelligence, physical exercises, contact with the environment … are all ways to enhance children’s intelligence. There are many factors that affect intellectual development. Here are the 10 most useful methods you can do to help your baby improve intelligence.

1. Don’t interrupt a baby’s sleep

If your baby sleeps less than an hour a day, their cognitive ability will be greatly reduced. Your baby’s brain usually grows very fast during sleep. This is the time when nerve connections are made, especially the link between the left hemisphere and the right brain. Babies who get enough sleep often develop better language, improve concentration and attention.

2. Physical activities

Brain development and physical activity are closely related. You should include your baby in physical activity for one hour a day. This will increase the amount of blood circulating to the brain and other parts of the body, helping your baby develop memory and increase learning ability. In addition, you should also take time to play with your baby.

3. Choose music for your baby

Exposure to soothing melodies is beneficial for brain development, thereby increasing cognitive abilities. Hold your baby and dance a few tunes to the music. This helps the baby’s body secrete the love hormone oxytocin. This hormone is also released when you breastfeed. Babies who listen to music often have a good memory and are less likely to get depressed.

4. Talk to the baby

Talking to your baby regularly will help increase their language processing skills and improve vocabulary from 18 months. Talk helps your child know how to move their lips, how to listen and how to pronounce words.

Repeating words also enhances memory, making it easier for children to connect objects and words. So, don’t think talking to your baby is a time-consuming task because they are learning everything from you.

5. Healthy eating habits

Giving your child lots of brain foods is the best way to boost intelligence. Fruits, greens, dairy products, dried fruits, eggs and nuts are all brain foods. Make these foods healthy and intellectual.

6. Exposure to surroundings

Make time for your baby to play with friends and other family members. This will help your baby learn new things from his surroundings. The more babies you interact with, the more chance you’ll learn.

7. Tell stories to your baby before going to bed

Storytelling and lullaby at bedtime are things that help develop intelligence from an early age. These practices not only strengthen the bond between parents and babies, but also enhance brain functions. The nervous system of a child who is often told bedtime stories is different from that of other children.

8. Exposure to nature

When exposed to nature like playing on the green grass, your baby will feel more comfortable. This is evident when you take your baby to the park, he is always happy. A green environment will help your baby relax and enhance brain function.

9. Let your baby choose

Parents always tend to decide for themselves the best things for their children. However, you can let your baby choose what he or she likes. This will help develop cognitive abilities in young children. Let your baby choose colors, flavors, people and shapes to increase his ability to make decisions.

10. Breastfeeding children

Breast milk is the most basic brain food. Breastfeeding until 1 year of age will help boost your baby’s health and intelligence. Breast milk provides the necessary nutrients for the baby’s development. A healthy child will be a smart child.

These actions play an important role in nurturing your baby’s intelligence. However, there is nothing better than the love and care and care of parents. Children who grow up healthy and happy will become intelligent babies. So take the time to be with your baby, love and care for your baby every day to help your baby grow up to be healthy and intelligent.

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